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Push More Rep Newsletter: Obsession Confession

written by Josh Dunn November 15, 2017
ob·ses·sion /əbˈseSHən/
  • “an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.”

The word “obsession” is the one of the few descriptive terms in the English language that would sufficiently cover the feelings that we have for skateboarding around here at Bustin HQ.   We literally are obsessed with every aspect of skating ranging from board design and development all the way to the development of the community who is actually riding those sleds. This passion stems from each of our personal skating experiences which have helped shape us in many more ways than just as skaters but has also reached into areas that have helped mold us as human beings.

Making skateboards differently has been our thing since the very beginning

The passion that fuels us here at Bustin Boards has been incredibly blessed to have had the support of so many radical skaters throughout the years and thankfully that remains true to this very day.  We know that we would never have made it here without the backing of the greatest community on earth and now its our time to give back to those who have helped us reach where we are. As fellow die hard skateboarders, we knew it was time to fully support our fellow brothers and sisters on their day to day mission to #PushMore.

Our Push More Bolts Rep Program is the manifestation of this much needed community support system which we designed for you, the real skater who is always on their hustle and always looking for ways to Push More. This program is incentivized by gear give aways but the true heart of this program lies in building a bigger and better community for us all to enjoy. This intangible reward cannot be placed on the monthly Prize Wall but certainly is the greatest gift you could possibly glean from joining the ranks of the #BustinFam and committing to the Pushing More than you Pollute.

All of us here at Bustin do not want to lose touch with the skate scene that has helped mold us but sincerely desire to bring all of you, the homies and real skate rats,  along for the ride as we continue to grow. This Community Committed initiative is our invitation for you to join the movement and help us keep the momentum rolling by simply getting out and riding your skateboard more. Together we can enact a cultural change and share the joys of skating with individuals who are looking to join in on our passion.

If you have not already, be sure to check out the Push More Rep Bolts Program to officially join the 1,000 Reps who have already committed to skating more with us! Together we can strengthen our scene while spreading the Skate Everything stoke to new and established skaters alike! Thank you for all the love up until now and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us as we collectively work toward growing the greatest counter culture on earth!


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