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Push More Rep Newsletter: Push the Push

written by Josh Dunn October 26, 2017

Aloha Push More Family! Welcome to the first Blog Post Newsletter that will go even further in depth than the Weekly email blast on some key topics that you will begin to encounter on your Rep Journey. To start things off, I will be giving you a few quick tips on how to embrace the rep lifestyle so that you can begin setting your self apart in your community as a leader.


Push the Push

The single most effective way to begin showing your local community about your commitment is to simply fulfill it by getting out and Pushing More! By using your Bustin Board as your primary transportation you are going to be demonstrating that it is possible to avoid fossil fuel consumption while also gaining many health benefits during your various commutes. As you get deeper and deeper into the , I promise you will start to crave those pushes through your town or campus as they become just as much of an escape as the usual mountain mob or skate park session has offered you in the past.

As previously mentioned, you are going to be the living example for your fellow community members that you can in fact replace some of their time spent in traditional transportation methods with invigorating pushes to their destination. Everybody knows that skateboards can be pushed but there certainly seems to be a disconnect with the fact that you can Skate Everywhere as a part of Skate Everything. By rolling up on the homies you will be leading by example as you put your self in a position to influence others to mimic your actions.

Distinguishing your self as a Bustin Rep really begins with embracing the lifestyle your self before working toward spreading the stoke to others. Once you have fully embraced this transformation, people will begin associating you with your board which is the exact end goal you are looking for. Remember, there is no wrong way to skateboard so as long as your keep the focus on fun, it will be a very natural transition into this new role.


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