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Push More Rep Newsletter: Searching for Skate Everything

written by Josh Dunn November 26, 2017

Aloha Push More Fam! I hope all has been shreddy since the last time we checked in and that you have been able to log many hours on top of your board. The heart of this program is to help each of y’all get out and achieve the satisfaction that comes from simply skateboarding. We believe that all forms of skateboarding are equal and really want to encourage y’all to take an All Around approach to your skating so that you can be sure to receive the maximum joy throughout your progressions in various disciplines.

Push More Rep Salvador de la Torre ripping down one of his local favorites. Photo: @erikdaniel.valdovinos

. From its conception, skateboarding was influenced by the moves being done out in the water on the energy pulses of the Pacific Ocean. When this frictionless sensation was translated to asphalt, it didn’t matter to our forefathers what size board they were riding or what surface they were expressing themselves on, they simply were trying to replicate the joy they found when they paddled out. By being open minded when searching for this specific sensation, they Skated Everything from pools to hills and did not consider what they were doing to be anything other than skateboarding.

Jaap van der Sterren visiting the harbor during a recent visit to Bustin HQ.

As the Push More Rep Program continues to grow and we get to know each of y’all better, its become apparent that many of you are interested in this as an opportunity to work toward becoming a trend setter and community builder in your local scene. We are firm believers that you can’t determine where you are heading without looking back on where you have been which is why we want to encourage each of you to look back to our roots as skaters and the values that these founding individuals stood for. “Skate Everything” is not a new concept but rather a historical perspective which we are looking to encourage the next generation to continue supporting and subscribing too.

As we work together to build a bigger and better community, we would highly encourage you to follow in the foot steps set before us and indulge in a well balanced shred diet. Use the endless lines found at your local skate park as warm ups for your legs before heading to the hills to throw endless power skids. The skill sets gained in each discipline will transfer and add confidence as well as a stylish flair to your riding through a cross pollination effect. The most fun way to maintain the stoke is to keep your skating fresh daily by indulging in all forms of skateboarding which also will begin the networking process for you to become a community figure in all of your local scenes.



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