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Push More Rep Newsletter: What are your 2018 Skate Goals??

written by Josh Dunn January 25, 2018

The art of skateboarding is not mastered in one day but rather is an ever going learning curve that takes dedication and practice to experience true progression. This personal evolution can be measured in many metrics but every skater has a specific list of goals that they are set on accomplishing on top of their board. We wanted to reach out to a few of our fellow Push More Reps and see what exactly their 2018 skate goals were whether it was traveling to a dream destination or simply landing that trick they have been working on. What follows are the aspirations of a few real skaters out there who are simply looking to Push More!

Leon’s main goal is just to have as much fun as possible this year on his Bustin Skateboards. Photo: Khaleeq

Colby Kennedy (Official Push More Rep Ogden, Utah):

“My 2018 skate plans involve getting a new Royce pro custom made board, specifically so I can pop the high Ollie’s, and land one of my favorite tricks, a kick flip over a five stair I found at a local skate park, right at the bottom of my favorite hill I call, “big7”.

Colby mobbin’ the race line into the New Year

Kyle Layton (Team Rider & Official Push More RepToms River, New Jersey):

“Basically my goals for this year are to learn as many new tricks as possible while going on as many skate trips as possible. I also want to document all of this by making the best skate video I can as well.” 

Kyle low key rips so any video he puts out will be worth the watch.

Rolando Lock (Official Push More Rep Saint Augustine, Florida):
“My skate goals for 2018 are pretty straight forward… I am committed to pushing everyday of this year no matter what and to progress daily improving my style and technical skills. Also I want to resurrect all the flip tricks and solid Ollie capabilities I once possesed in my teenage years. Last but not least I will learn how to slide before this year is done so I can unlock true stoke!!! Fully committed in 2018 and can’t wait for the new Bustin line-up!!!”

Rolando can already check “Visiting Bustin HQ” off his list of things to do this year so whats next for him??

Ol Justiee (Official Push More Rep Kalispell, Montana):
“I’ve been lucky enough to live in such an amazing area (Santa Barbara) for my favorite form of skating, downhill and freeride. With that, opens so much possibility for growth in my skill set. My personal goals are to push myself to be my best. That’d include skating faster, having better controls over my slides, and keeping good lines. Another personal goal is to join a few races and skate with other people to help improve my confidence and skill set. Although, My bottom line goal is to have fun doing what I love… Skateboarding. Whether that means just cruising or going fast, it’s all about fun!”

Slaying more Cali gems is all that Ol is thinking about this next batch of 365 days.


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