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Push More Rep Newsletter: What does “Skate Everything” Mean to You??

written by Josh Dunn January 18, 2018

Once a term gains a certain level of popularity, its meaning can be altered to best fit the group that has adopted it. Here at Bustin Boards, we have been a “Skate Everything” skateboard brand since our conception in 2001 and throughout our personal journey this mantra  has manifested its self into many different board shapes, wheel styles, as well as riding techniques. Creativity and self expression are top on our lists of what we like to support within skateboarding which constantly leads us to re-evaluating how we can better help our fellow community members truly “Skate Everything”.

We wanted to reach out to some of our Push More Reps around the world and get their personal take on this topic and their answers are featured in this, the latest Push More Rep Newsletter in which we asked some of the homies: What does Skate Everything” mean to you????

“Skate Everything” is a lifestyle that Toti Bicicleta knows all to well…

Owen Hopper: New Freedom, Pennsylvania

“Skate Everything” to me is just going out and skating with whatever style and doing whatever tricks with one board that you have. Whether that’s hitting the skatepark with a downhill board or shredding a mini cruiser down some gnarly hills. “Skate everything” could also be going and skating an object or a hill that the normal person would just look at and say there’s no way you could skate that and just going out and doing it! At the end of the day make due with what you got and explore all the ways to have fun on your board!”

Owen laying into a killer Coleman slide no matter what board is beneath his feet.

Tyler Platz: Madison, Wisconsin

“To me, Skate Everything is a way of seeing and interacting with the world. It’s having the awareness to understand your surroundings, the creativity to imagine a different purpose for it, and the passion to bring that ideation to life. Skate Everything is both the imposition of control and an act of surrender, a dichotomy brought to harmony by skill and experience. In practice, it’s spotting a coping, imagining the million ways you could attack it, slamming twenty times, and finally rolling out clean. Or, it’s finding a terrifyingly steep access road, plotting your lines, washing out into thorn bushes twice, and screeching to a halt at the gate on your last run. To me, Skate Everything is a style, a mentality, and a lifestyle.”

This very well may be a shot of Tyler slipping down one of his local gems right after crawling out of a thorn bush on his personal pursuit to Skate Everything.

José Miguel Chávez Galdamez (Pollo): Santiago, Chile

“SkateEverything means that you can find a spot everywhere, in any path, hill or park and you’re ready to shred it no matter the size of the board or the shape you are skating, you are always ready to shred everything on your way!”

“Pollo” getting blunted during a recent visit to the states and Bustin HQ. Photo: Matt K

Bob Kitsner: York, Pennsylvania

“The summer of 2017 was one of the best in my life. To be fair though, I try and make every summer the best of my life. This summer I had decided to get out of my comfort zone and try some completely new things. I saw a SwitchBack Race held by Cloudride Wheels on Facebook and thought “Why not, the only way I’ll get better is by pushing myself and hanging around people that are better than me.” This was my second skate event. I entered my first street contest when I was 13 years old, 31 years ago. I had no idea what to expect, but my main goal was just to meet some cool people and get better at Longboarding. I lost every heat I was in but, I did achieve my goals. I met some awesome people and I got better at longboarding. I even won a Bustin deck and a Bustin T-shirt, so not too shabby for a day of longboarding! I entered two more contests that summer with the goal of just having fun and improving. At the risk of sounding like a third grader reading his back to school report, that’s how 2017 was the best summer ever! I urge every skater, skater to be, or skater from the past to get out of their comfort zone. To Skate Everything. Learn some street and park tricks, learn some dancing tricks, learn to go real fast and slide real far. I urge every skater to show the world the positivity of skating. Be the change you want to see. Show the world our community, the respect we have for each other and our art. Go out of your way to be friendly and courteous to pedestrians. Show the world we really are a force for good.”

Poppin’ ollies in paradise, Bob knows how to keep his Stoke Meter high and it involves All Around skateboarding.


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