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Push More Rep Newsletter: What’s Your Favorite Bustin Sled??

written by Josh Dunn January 15, 2018

Aloha Push More Fam!! Welcome to this addition of the Push More Newsletter in which we have reached out to a couple of our own to figure out exactly which board from our lineup is their personal favorite and why. We have a pretty expansive line up here at Bustin because we support All Around Skateboarding and want to make board shapes that allow anyone to have the most fun possible while expressing themselves. Its always good to hear about other shapes from fellow skate rats so that when you are considering your next whip you can have some inside knowledge as to what board may be perfect for your next shredventure!

James Payne

“My favorite board is easily the Boombox – it has double kicks which is ideal for freestyle, a comfortable concave that doesn’t get in the way when dancing but is still enough to kick out for slides and freeride and the adjustable wheelbase makes it a good option for downhill aswell To make it even better, the dropped riding platform also makes it super easy to push! It’s a true Skate Everything board.”

Although not waterproof, this Boombox will still jam when exposed to moisture.

Salvador de la Torre

“My favorite board of the lineup of Bustin Boards is the Royce Pro Custom, thanks to the radial concave that keeps my feet on the board while I do slides at high speed, also thanks to its great variation of wheelbase that allows me to experiment with my board , and finally I love the tail that this board has combined with how light it is, it is very useful for skating whatever you want.”

The Royce Pro is fully adjustable, fully customizable, and fully ready to rip any and every Mexican mountain road Salvador can find.

Noah Walter

“My favorite Bustin Board has to be the Shrike TG! I have all of the TG boards, but the Shrike is the most versatile of them all, so I don’t have to swap boards around whenever I want to do something. It really is a quiver killer like the website says, and I can just take it out of my trunk to handle anything I need to do. I don’t like to be limited since I enjoy mixing up disciplines when I start to stall progress on one. While still possible to dance on drop thru boards, the top mount nature of the Shrike allows me to throw in some fancy footwork when I want, without having to be concerned if my foot will touch the wheels. I also picked the TG over the normal version, because it helps give me piece of mind. While Bustin’s BambooX boards will hold up to lot of abuse, I really don’t have to worry about beating up the TG as I learn new tricks. The biggest thing I love by far though has to be the urethane bumpers. Failing a trick and shooting the board off towards a curb, I don’t have to worry at all when I hear that loud smack. Maybe to some people, the price isn’t justifiable, but I’m a working adult and I like protecting my investment. The peace of mind really does help give me confidence to go all out learning tricks with no concerns!”

Diversity only found through Skating Everything and the TG Shrike is up for the task

Rob Werner

“I like the Bustin Street Decks, all the graphics are customizable! The wood is solid and has just the right amount of flex so the decks can take a beating and they last a while! After skating for 14+ years, I can 100% say the street decks are worth a ride!”

Rob flyin’ high and trusting his Bustin Street deck to help him land safely. Photo: Walter Orellana



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