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Push More Trick Tip: Standup Heelside Slides

written by Josh Dunn January 30, 2018

There has been a lot of comments in the Push More Rep Facebook group about asking for tips for tricks that homies are posting. We have noticed your requests and decided to give the Push More Fam what they wanted so we proudly introduce the Push More Trick Tip Series! This will be a new segment dedicated to breaking down various maneuvers from all the different disciplines of skateboarding!

To kick things off, we wanted to share our knowledge of slippin’ slideways and get you some basic pointers on how to start kicking out those stand up heelside slides. Enjoy the break down and then get outside to find a suitable spot in your neck of the woods and get to practicing!

Gear Suggestions:



-Royce Pro



-Five-O Classics

-Bustin Swift’s (Coming Spring 2018)


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