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written by TeamBustin March 14, 2010

Photo:  Annah Rowe

Spring is pretty much here and with it the unofficial start of the longboard season. Yes, I know there are those of us who skate 24/7, especially those of us in urban areas where it is our primary source of transportation. But in the bigger picture this is the time when we all get really excited as each week gets warmer. Every skater I run into is chomping at the bits for those days of limited clothing and late night skates. The Concrete Kings are spreading a lot of stoke and the group rides are growing in size each week. The last ride was the best ride we have had all year as we took over NYC streets doing about 16 miles that day. What I am really excited about is all the push races that are popping up on the east coast. This is the year of the longboard and the year that PushCulture really catches on. More people are taking the initiative an spearheading these events. Awesome! I need all of your help with compiling a list of these races in our area and beyond. I would like to have the Concrete Kings/PushCulture/Bustin represented at these events. So I’m asking you to help me with research or just keep me posted when you hear of anything going on and I will do the same. Get ready people….This year is going to be Amazing!


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