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Quad Flips Amongst Friends

written by Josh Dunn December 8, 2016

Things have been hectic around HQ the past couple weeks as we have been hustling to get all of your orders completed and out the door as fast as possible to try and match the pace of all the new orders that keep pouring in. Despite this heavy work load, you better believe that any spare second gifted to us is spent on top of our skateboards rolling around the warehouse perfecting our flat ground game one nollie heel at a time. A few days back just such a skate break was going down as our artists Jay and Max waited for their latest batch of masterpieces (designed by you) to dry giving them a small window to get after it Bustin style. Luckily for the internet, our dude Layne was lurking and loaded with his camera and was able to capture the action from this particular quick skate break which produced a moment of clarity that brought us back to the root of why we love doing what we do. Skate Everything is a lifestyle not just an expression around here and we are stoked to be able to help keep pushing the boundaries of what skateboarding can mean.



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