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Rat Rod defeated by Harlem’s Host in the first ever Rat Rod Relay

written by TeamBustin March 18, 2011

The stage was set for the first official Rat Rod Relay when Harlem’s Host, Marc Rodriguez, failed to show up at the start line of the Warriors race on time and was left in the dust along with close to 30 other fellow riders who also showed late. Host, who has been absent from the underground racing scene for some time now, finally showed to a race prepared to throw down only to never have a chance to inscribe his name on the incredible Warriors trophy. The man was angry, and he made his voice heard.

He did so by challenging the race organizer to the first ever Rat Rod Relay, an event that was planned by Theseus and I this winter but had yet to be fully embraced. The race is a quarter mile dash up or down the West Side Highway bike path. The challenger names the stakes and how the winner is to be determined (a one-way quarter mile dash or a best-of-three). Marc’s terms were ambitious–one quarter mile push for pinks. The race was accepted and Rat Rod chose the date and time. The race was held at 9PM tonight, March 17th.

Marc was very vocal about the challenge, and a crowd of maybe 25 people showed up to watch it all go down, including Joe Goodman and Brian Davenport of Push Culture News (video will be available soon). The race was won by Marc in 45 seconds. That is an average of 20mph from a standstill! The Rat Rod Gray Madder Custom Fiberglass Sojourn now belongs to Harlem’s Host. Marc was kind enough to let Theseus ride back to the new Longboard Loft to continue laying the new flooring before taking his prize. Good man.

Marc has also challenged Paulie Connor, who, to my knowledge, has accepted and should be racing sometime next week. We will keep you updated!


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Fepic March 18, 2011 at 9:41 am

Beat Rat Rod at his own game… Sick race!!

KM Broski March 18, 2011 at 10:21 am

Marc was defiantly a man on a mission last night, he had a “Do or Die” Demeanor on the entire time… He did a good job at amping the race up, and another good job at actually delivering his word full on through. Theseus is a stand up guy no matter how you put it, he accepted defeat very well and is on to the next thing before you knew it. It was indeed a Sick race!

medz the cure March 25, 2011 at 11:23 pm

a reminder for those who forgot and an introduction for those who didn’t know ..much love to Theseus for Gettin the host back on his shit. as for the others, are u scared yet?>=-D

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