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Rat Rod Results 3/22/09

written by Mike March 22, 2009

Rat Rod Gang hosted another sick race at Tompkins Square Park this afternoon.  The park was crowded and the energy was high.  The soup kitchen line was stoked, longboarders were mashing tricks and the races were fast!

During our cruise to base, a squad car approached Theseus…  

“Pull over Tony Hawk”, the cops command over the squad car PA…”how old are you?”  

Theseus, “33.”

Officer, “Act your age”

  Rat Rod March Madness :

Theseus Williams  2:05

Marc Harlem’s Host Rodriguez 2:07

Mike Dallas  2:07

Chris L.  2:13

Adam C.  2:13

Dre Outlaw  2:14



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Dre March 23, 2009 at 5:33 pm

a recap vid of the races


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