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Ready, Set….Push! (Rutgers Push Race 2010)

written by TeamBustin March 28, 2010

So here it is! The first push race I am aware of this season. Anyone as excited as I am? A few weeks ago I was contacted by Liam Gilroy of the Rutgers Longboarding Club wondering if Bustin could donate a little swag for this event. Hell yeah! I am going to hand deliver it myself accompanied by a crew of the Concrete Kings. The race is a  2.7 miles…I’d say about a 10 min dash. Quick but sure to be intense.  If the facebook and silverfish registration numbers are correct there is going to be a epic turnout for this inaugural race. The urban longboarding scene has progressed so much in these past few years and to have a school sanctioned push race in New Jersey is huge! Also pretty exciting is how much more the  talent is spread out. The front of the pack has gotten larger and tighter and if you’re not continually shredding you are not going to be able to keep up. 


Back to the race…We will be catching an early train from Penn Station that Saturday morning. The commute is relatively short and cheap and the course is a short skate from the New Brunswick station. From my understanding there will be food, refreshments and live music. Skate. Music. Sun. Food. Friends. Need I say more? 

Contact me at kingsolomon@bustinboards.com if you are interested in traveling as a group.

Below is a info taken from the facebook event page.

*****Helmets are Mandatory*******

Where: Buccleuch Park, New Brunswick, NJ
In between Easton Ave. and College Ave. 
When: Saturday, April 10th. Race will start at 12pm . We will have the park from 11am-4pm.

It will be a 2.7mile( 3 laps) push race around Buccleuch park, starting at the intersection of Wyckoff Street. The race will take about 20-30mins. Helmets are required since it is a school sponsored event. 

Afterwards, there will be food/drinks. Got a pavilion to eat, hang out, and hand out prizes. There will be awards for the top 3 racers. Depending on how much swag I get, there may be more giveaways.


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