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Reflecting on a great internship at Bustin Boards

written by Mike July 29, 2009

Interview with Suzanne Curtis, Bustin Intern

How did you find out about this position?
I had a board internship at Rossignol but the company was sold, my internship was cancelled with a month left to apply so I applied for every board brand in my room.

When did you apply?
April 7th, 2009 after my first apparel display in a local fashion show. It was my first show, the day before I get a call that Rossignol was sold, not sure who bought but Quicksilver sold it. The manager was unsure of a job for me. The fashion show went well, when it was over I had to figure everything out. I was all set up last summer, afraid of no internship at all. I did not want to work in n Michigan at a boutique or something. Always wanted to go into the extreme sports industry. Best possible, possibility was what I was after.

What was your internship opportunity at Rossignol?
Moving to park city Utah for a summer to work with Tom in graphics for the fall 2011 catalogue, then shows all season to promote. Not sure if paid position and it wasn’t an issue.

What is skating like in Northern Michigan?
Northern Michigan is mostly DH. The Crew assembles and goes to the top of a hill, person drives to bottom of hill. Not much pushing for transportation. Flats isn’t fun in the north and there’s only a handful of skaters, might be picking up. Sports enthusiasts. 2-3 girls in 2005.

Were you skeptical of an NYC skate internship?
I wasn’t too nervous. Ryan was stoked, then Ryan had to talk to the guys about a girl in their dynamic. At beginning not much was given to me to do, I was always making graphics and wasn’t sure I was gonna fit in because everyone was quiet, so I watched.

What is the first technique you learned?
The Friday before the Central Park Race we csreen printed t-shirts and burned graphics on screens. We made shirts till 7pm. I will always remember to keep the heat at 270. After that I learned assembly and components. At first it took me a long time to look up orders. Soon Matt taught me and I was excited to know how to help and not just pass off phone calls. I like knowing how to work Volusion and how to work with customers. I didn’t print a board until my own toward the end of my internship

Who did you work with?
I started with Matt, Nick and Ryan, but Ryan was usually away working on the website. Geraldo soon joined us while Mike was in Switzerland. We got along, I maybe felt a little out because of all guys but with over time and some beers we all warmed up to each other. Everyone was more used to everything after that. I listened a lot. Matt opened up a lot. I like the dynamics of the crew in general. When everyone is talking the communication is spectacular. Everyone works and takes modest breaks to e-mail and study e-commerce. How the team e-mail convos work is amazing.
Were you busy during the day?
I keep busy. Everything you design isn’t chosen, look a few days later and it loses spark. Time and money come into play. Tough time trying to create graphics with 2-3 screens. More screens= mo money.

Where do you picture Bustin Boards in 2010?
Bustin this time next year will be huge. My dream is that Bustin will be remembered as forefathers of the city longboard scene in 20 years.

How will this experience help you in Michigan?
I will be getting people involved with the Central Michigan Longboarding Club. Skate knowledge in general is great. I am excited to go back to Central in the graphic dept. with Bustin on my resume. Hopefully Bustin will be one of my top networking crews for a long time because I want to come back!

What can bustin do to improve?
Trending and color forcasting. Something that 4 guys from Maryland maybe don’t think of. Keep colors in season and fashionable. If a color is in season u will see it in every aspect of business. Keep up with competitors and keeping up with trending is important.

Final Thoughts?
I was lucky to experience this internship after reading a Concrete Wave article about other companies. I feel lucky to have creative freedom, to ask questions and do evey part of assembly and business. I listened to a lot of meetings between customers, riders and co-owners. Other interns sit at computers, I get to share ideas. All ideas are good ideas





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