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Reflex Bushings Now Available at the Bustin Longboard Store

written by Ryan January 17, 2010

Thanks to Mike Dallas for writing this little blurb about the new Reflex bushings available at the store (and soon online).

Bustin Brooklyn is now stocking a full selection of high-rebound “Reflex Formula” Bushings. Three shapes and eight different durometers to mix and match to dial in the perfect rebound for the longboard trucks we offer in house (Bear, Randal, Paris, Crail, Gullwing, Independent). Bushings will soup up the performance of every board using standard and reverse kingpin bushing stabilized trucks. The durometer range is 74a-95a short/tall cone and barrel shapes. Old school setups will support short cone bushings and newer reverse kingpin trucks ride well with combos of small/tall/barrel bushings to make trucks looser or more stiff. The longboard technicians at Bustin Brooklyn LOVE assembling new bushing configurations stop by for a consultation. Free longboarding setup consultations at the store or online – email us or swing by the shop soon.



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Justin Singleton March 15, 2010 at 6:31 pm

I cannot seem to find them on the website store

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