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Ride the City – What is your Okoto?

written by Mike August 22, 2008

What is your Okoto?

By: Mike Dallas

Ride the City. A phrase often observed tagged on an inconspicuous wall, anywhere and everywhere in New York City. Misunderstood as dangerous, graffiti painted streets represent artistic style, expressed by some of the greatest tag artists in the world. NYC also represents some of the greatest riders on the east coast, by routine. Soulful cruisers roll the beaten path passionately via skateboard and bike for stylish efficient metro transportation, and fellowship. Push Culture NYC.

The “Brooklyn Blitz 2008” hosted by Bustin Boards, Co and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer combines the stoke shared by bikers and boarders in New York City. Organized to raise green transportation awareness, the Blitz will unite skaters and bikers from the metro area for the first time in NYC street race history! Coordinated in sync with the notorious McCarren Pool NYC Sunday Free Concert Series, riders will ravage the streets of Williamsburg between N 12th and S 6th streets finishing the evening with an after party at East River Bar, FREE PBR!!!!

Participants will assemble at McCarren Park (Bedford & N11th) in Williamsburg Brooklyn at 6-6:30pm as the concert finishes. Racer checkpoint cards will be handed to participants, providing a map of the checkpoints that will be announced at the race. Monster Energy Drinks is providing the stamina necessary for the event, offering free energy to guzzle wildly anticipating the start of the Blitz at 7pm sharp.

The first rider to reach the East River Bar (Bedford & 6th) with completed check card will enjoy the first free beer, and help history write itself. Hundreds of bikes and boards are anticipated, thousands of local hipsters will witness true stoke as green transportation enthusiasts socialize and ride as one. Race Cards will double as raffle tickets for the Bustin, PBR, Monster + friends prize giveaway blowout!

Combining board and bike sub-cultures will create lasting friendships and encourage others to get involved. Discussed over beers, the event was planned on a routine August evening at one of Brooklyn’s finest, East River Bar. Riders fired ideas and event planners took notes in the name of a good time. Stoke for riding has presented the necessary involvement for an event of this caliber. Sponsors have emerged since planning commenced and continued support is offered as race day approaches.

Riding the streets is best done as One. Sunday August 24th, NYC riders have the opportunity to ride the city in the name of fun. Bring nothing but a bike, a board, a lock and a bad-ass attitude. Join the stoke, see you out there!


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