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ROAD RAGER III: Oct 8th, ’16. San Diego, CA. (EVENT)

written by TeamBustin September 23, 2016



This is what it has come to. . .

Saturday, October 8th in San Diego, California from 12noon till 5pm a hero shall be born: ROAD RAGER III—it’s power lies in the local skate community. The weapon of choice: stiff planks, aluminum trucks, and huge urethane wheels. The mission: an all-day slide session, DH ramp jam, barbecue, and gravity pursuit of speed-crazed mayhem!

Road Rager III, a downhill event in a world gone out of control. Where every steep decent is riddled with oncoming minivans crammed full of yapping cockerdoodles, and every turn in the road brings you face to face with a new kind of terror. ROAD RAGER III.

When it’s every skater for himself, and there’s no place left to shred—when all that’s left is ONE LAST community session. . . ROAD RAGER III.

Ha ha ha! Anyway, Road Rager III is a downhill skateboarding event welcoming all skaters, all ages, all skill levels. Presented by MuirSkate.com& Bustin Boards, Road Rager III is the first in a series of three local Southern California community skate events that we are hosting in collabotation.

The exact location of Road Rager III is: Poway Pump Station. Here’s a Google pin: HERE

We look forward to shredding with you soon. Let us know that you are coming to shred:



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