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ROCK to RAPIDS – Push Culture Longboarding in Grand Rapids, Michigan

written by Mike August 26, 2010

ROCK to RAPIDS is a Push Culture group skate designed to facilitate group skate sessions and longboarding influenced friendships in the Michigan skate community.  Michigan naturally offers some of the best skate terrain I have skated.  The Great Lakes were carved out by glaciers thousands of years ago.  The land mass among the lakes was also carved by smaller glaciers that created a glacial till land later to be named Michigan.  The Great Lakes are most notable but more important to the average Michigander are the thousands of inland lakes, large and small located no more than 5 miles apart in any direction, anywhere, Michigan.  Between these lakes are a network of rivers and streams that (over the years) have created vast river banks through the earth, down to the bare rock that is the core of the Earth.  These river banks run far and wide and have created fun, fun natural sloping banks, EVERYWHERE, MICHIGAN.  Note: “glacial till land”, not mountains.  This means almost every skate/ski hit is fun and manageable but not huge.

The ROCK to RAPIDS skate adventure will start at the Corner of the Beltline and Rogue River Drive. (GOOGLE Map search that intersection in Rockford, Michigan 49341)

The skate route will follow the Beltline (south) to Michigan Drive, turn right.  Beware, the Beltline speeds may exceed 30mph.  Wear the proper protection.  The reason we will skate the shoulder of the road is for social SKATE AWARENESS!  We could very easily take the White Pine Trail but that will not be as fun, maybe next time.  Skating in a large group along a well traveled road is exciting, trust me. After we turn on Michigan the route gets tricky so stay alert!  We will tour all interesting areas of the eastown and downtown areas, hit a gnarly parking garage then finish on a bridge crossing the Grand River in front of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel.

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