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Ronin Trucks – It’s All Downhill From Here

written by TeamBustin June 4, 2013

Ronin Trucks – It’s All Downhill From Here

Ratmobile Ronin

It’s been a long time coming, but the timing could not be more perfect. With the release of the 2013 Ratmobile, we are also proud to present Ronin Cast Trucks available for purchase with our decks. This could not be any more of a winning combination. Ronin has been dominating the downhill scene all over the world from Amateur riders winning outlaws to Douglas Dalua atop the awards stand as the IGSA World Cup Champion last year. The cast version of these trucks takes the same “support pin” technology incorporated in Ronins billet trucks, which holds the truck’s turning angle true through the entire turn, offering massive lean, enhanced grip, a rock solid center point, and more stability and control. Stoked on Ronins? You bet we are!

Ronin cast trucks were designed with more rake than their billet counterparts (cast and billet Ronins have interchangeable parts, by the way), which make them especially good for freeride and offering super lean which feels great for holding tuck through a turn, fast freeriding, and even getting your carve on. They turn as much as many 50-degree trucks, but offer more lean through the turn. They are 180mm and the axles are pressed in, producing a much straighter axle. When putting wheels on your Ronin trucks, assemble all four wheels and then do the final tightening once the wheels are on. This will assure that your axles stay 100% true and don’t pull one way or another. The price you pay for having pressed in axles, but it’s nice to know your trucks are straight! Also, check out riotboardsports.com for some sweet upgrades to your Ronin trucks like urethane pivot cups and support pin cups! Riot, Riptide, and Venom all make aftermarket bushings, and Riptide even offers different shape like Chubbies, Fat Cones, and Cones.

Let’s end this bad boy with some useful links eh?

-Here’s where you can buy Ronin trucks on bustinboards.com
-Here’s a link to the Ratmobile, because you know you want to put your Ronin trucks on it
-Check out cast Ronins on Ronintrucks.com for more info
-Riot Boardsports Website for game-changing upgrades
-Riptide Sports Website for bushings – you’ll want the “Tall-Series” bushings for your Ronins
-Venom Bushings


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