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Route 80 Is Boring

written by Ryan February 10, 2009

Whats up people. Just touching base from the road on my way across country to setup Bustin west coast in LA. I’m driving across with my cousin David, first heading to Salt Lake City to board for the weekend before dropping down to the stunner city early next week to get down to business. With the Volvo packed to the gil, we are cruising down Rte 80 coming off of the exit for Elkhart, Indiana, made famous for yesterday’s visit by President Obama. Though his visit was a pretty big deal in Elkhart and drew a decent crowd, it paled in comparison to the welcome we received pulling into the local gas station in Bustin Force One. Crowds of thousands lined the fields as we drove through, Dave hanging out of the sun roof waving and throwing out free boards. I gave a short speech and promised everyone that Bustin had their interests in mind.

Earlier we had breakfast at an EatinPark (real name) in Morgantown, West Virginia where I also gave a speech but got a boot thrown at me. A little later we cruised through Sandusky, Ohio, the legendary home of Tommy Boy, and.. and… shut up Richard.

Now we’re entering our 10th hour on the road and I’m stoked about finally getting to Chicago where were crashing with Frank and Kelly, the original Bustin Crew from Hoboken. Tomorrow we break out again early on our way to Lincoln, Nebraska where we’ll stay the night before the final push on Thursday to meet our other cousin (big family) in Salt Lake City to shred for 3 days.

So far not much to report except McDonalds is real good after driving 8 hours, cops in Ohio are lame and too bored to be on payroll, farm land is abundant on Route 80 and theres no way the weather should be this beautiful during February in Ohio. We’ll take it. Peace crew.


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lindsey February 11, 2009 at 2:30 am

well lucky for you the weather should be turning back to the status quo. Look out for them there tornados!

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