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SAFETY MEETING: Whatever Feels Good

written by TeamBustin April 12, 2014

In the many emails that come in daily there are a few questions that are asked every day. One of them being:
“How should I set my board up for <insert discipline(s) here>?”

That’s a tough question to answer, considering setting up your board is as personal as how you drink your coffee! While I can get you pointed in the right direction for styles and shapes, the nitty gritty comes down to preference and the more you know, the easier it is to get what you want. In general there are a couple quick tweaks that can make your board feel like a whole new animal! Once you dial in the deck, trucks, wheels, etc. that you like, then you just have to add the cream and sugah!

BUSHINGS: Bushings are a key factor in how your trucks will feel. If you’re having trouble with wheel bite but are hesitant to throw a riser in your setup, try a harder bushing. The shape of your bushing, the durometer, and the type of washer you’re using will make an incredible difference in how your trucks feel. This is a comparatively cheap option when you want something different from your ride. Experiment with duros, and washer shape until you find your sweet spot. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and try something new as well!

BEARINGS: Keep ’em clean and keep ’em lubed. If you keep your bearings happy they’ll be good to you in return! And don’t overlook the spacers when you’re setting your wheels up!

The best advice I can give is try as many setups as you can. That’s the beauty of stopping by our Brooklyn Store or the Longboard Loft in Manhattan, you can stand on any of the boards and actually feel them under your feet. There are no necessarily right or wrong setups; albeit, there are definitely some kooky ones. If you find something that’s comfortable and that you like, don’t be afraid to skate it! Questions about your setup? Shoot me an email to skate@bustinboards.com between myself and the team we’ll get you headed in the right direction!




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