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SAFETY MEETING: Boombox & Modela

written by TeamBustin May 10, 2014

The footage is in and these boards have been put to the test!

Between our team riders and awesome customers, we’ve been hearing a lot about these two families of boards, and the buzz is where the honey’s at! The Boomboxes are taking over, Steven Vera and Clark Patrick have been putting the 38″ through the paces and we’ve been hearing nothing but love from they who have stood on it. And the PRO has been labeled a “tank” by many and we’ve seen them setup for just about anything.


Toti’s new video by PerroPro shows both in action.

The Modelas have been thrashing away as well! I’ve caught some 33’s on the hill at some slide jams this season and the 26″ kills it for sticking tight lines in the city. Andy Millien, Eddie Henriquez, Steven Vera, and David Aparicio drop some hammers on both sizes in this video as well!


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