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SAFETY MEETING: Customer Service Roundup!

written by TeamBustin March 18, 2014

Customer service, the land where your computer and phone (and maybe coffee) are your tools and things change every second.

Customer service is equal parts love and knowledge. Between picking the right deck, giving train directions to the store, discussing this thane vs. that thane, etc., there’s never a dull moment! Every so often you get to contribute to something huge, like when we helped one of our customers recover their all time favorite board that was stolen from their home (Maybe throw 5% sleuth into the equation).

This week’s favorite was lending Jesse a hand. Jesse contacted me just yesterday. He’s new to longboarding so he had a few questions about a good commuting/carving setup. After going over a few options and narrowing down what he wanted the most from his ride, we were able to set him up with a steezy Maestro that will make his commute smoother than Egyptian silk. After all was said and done, Jesse was so stoked on his new ride he had this to say:

“What you & Bustin did for me, customer service wise, has been top notch – your website was an absolute dream to shop and get info off of.  I am so excited to have come across this company as its easy for me (because I’m new to longboarding) to tell when your being given sincere help and not just some short 1 sentence answer.”

One thing is for sure, I’m thankful for all of the awesome dudes and dudettes that I get to talk to on the daily. Whether you have questions about your order, which board is right for you, or you just want to say hey!, drop me a line, I look forward to hearing from you!

Stay Safe,

Your Highly-Caffeinated Customer Service Guru


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