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SAFETY MEETING: Keep It Connected

written by TeamBustin May 17, 2014

This summer is already ramping up to be wild, with the Push Culture Family Picnic just around the corner and I Love Downhill on the horizon there’s definitely going to be a lot to keep up with, so here’s a little guide on where to keep up with the crew.


Instagram is one of the best outlets to keep an eye on. It’s a daily stream of badass rider shots, sick boards and steez flowing in from around the world. We also send out important updates and give sneak peaks into what’s to come in the next few months.


Tumblr is the place to go for your visual fix. Get your fill of GIFs, videos, team and crew chat, among other things. Got a dope picture of your board or a steezy shot from the slide jam? Post it up, we’ll probably reblog it!



YouTube, nuff said! Subscribe for instant updates on the latest videos. Speaking of, check out the new Modela vid and see the team dropping hammers.


Reach out to us on Twitter, get live updates at events and see rad content flowing in from around the world.


Catch you guys in a week! Next stop, Vermont.


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