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SAFETY MEETING: The Canadian Connection

written by TeamBustin May 3, 2014
Privileges like meeting and talking to so many people every day is one of the best aspects of working with customers. It really brings into perspective how truly unique everyone is. This was the case with 61 year-old Denis from Laval, Quebec, Canada. (Dude has a Ratmobile in his quiver! Whatup!) We hit it off, despite our language barrier, and I decided to have set up a quick interview.
Q: How did you get into skateboarding/longboarding?
A: I start longboarding 2 years ago only, when one of my sons bought his first longboard and I was looking for a new sport.
Q: How did you find out about Bustin?
A: I had a few boards at home… and I was a new rider, I didn’t know a lot about longboards, a friend had a Bustin Maestro he told me about, and WOW what a discovery for me…
Q: What is your favorite board in our lineup and why?
A: Cigar 38, great board and stable on the road but my new YoFace 35 looks good to me. And the Mission 40 miam miam! But for the lineup I like Bear Trucks, 40 or 50 degree. Orangatang 80a wheels or now I have new Bustin wheels, very good also. I am a boardrider on long highways and I like to be stable and comfortable.
Q: What do you think of the new ThermoGlass/ThermoCarbon materials?
A: I bought the Sportster 36” ThermoGlass recently and I did my first long ride… oufff! Great machine, so stable. I love riding that board without wind of course, it’s a low rider!
Q: Is there anything else you would like to add in regard to Bustin or longboarding as a culture?
A: Not really… long road to all of you, you are the masters and I believe in you! Voilà mes amis and Merci beaucoup !


Denis’ quiver includes a Cigar 38, Complex, Mission 40, Royce Pro, Ratmobile, Sportster 36, YoFace 35, and an OG Strike! Thanks for the respect in Quebec! I hope the weather stays good for you this summer. Catch you guys in a week at another safety meeting! Hold it down until then!


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