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San Diego Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Postponed, Concrete Wave/Longboard Loft Expo still on!

written by TeamBustin February 2, 2011

Adrenalina released a statement last night postponing the San Diego Adrenalina Marathon. The statement reads:

“The demand for the San Diego Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon has been so great that we have been presented with new challenges. In order to make this the best Skateboard Marathon to date, we require some additional careful planning. As a result, the event has been postponed until a soon to be named date. We apologize if this causes an inconvenience, but it will certainly be worth the wait.”

I, for one, am excited to see the event delayed, as I have been following closely, hoping to hear some finalized details. There is a ton of interest in this marathon circuit, and last I heard, it was about to take place about 40 minutes outside the city on an Indian Reservation because of complications with getting permits in the city. While this would’ve certainly been a great time and some awesome terrain for a race, I was a little disappointed to see it not taking place in the city, where it would have the most visibility and accessibility to racers and the general public. I wish the date had not been announced, however, as I know of a couple people who have bought plane tickets already. Hopefully they can get some credit to go toward their next ticket purchase and make it out to the real deal! On a more positive note, this gives everybody some more time to train and may level the playing field a little bit, as nobody within 12 hours of this city has been able to skate for weeks because of the weather.

In other news, the 2011 Concrete Wave Expo to be held at the Longboard Loft in New York City on March 11th was somewhat tied to the event but will still be going on as planned. This is awesome, because now everybody who was planning to go out west can attend and represent in NYC! Looking forward to seeing everyone here on the 11th!

Finally I ask that on Friday, Feb. 4, we set our alarms for 9pm and meditate on some snow meltage for a few minutes, because this is getting ridiculous. Holla!

Jeffrey Vyain, but you can call me Wiggler
Bustin Boards Custom Longboards
Longboard Loft NYC


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Nelson February 3, 2011 at 10:35 am

More like daily meditations at 9!! Stoked to make it to the expo, though!

Mike Allen February 3, 2011 at 10:54 am

I would like to help, and live an hour north of San Diego. Like what you guys are doing, as I’m also a board builder. See you in SD. Please send info. my way, so we can prepare for the invasion.

cubi February 6, 2011 at 12:36 am

I applied for my race lic. from this so called IDSA and I never heard a reply back, has anyone actually been able to get a race Lic. registered properly from them yet?



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