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Seasons change, wheels change

written by Mike October 30, 2008

Riders question the practicality of using correct wheel durometer and how to understand the grades of wheel urethane.  As summer transitions into fall, your wheel durometer should change from hard to soft.  This means if you ride 81a-89a in the summer, change up to 75a-78a during the fall.  As winter approaches change your setup to accommodate even cooler conditions.  Urethane hardens as it chills and changes wheel to ground traction.  Preventing unpredictable slips and slides is as easy as changing your wheel setup to support changing conditions. 


Be aware of fall season road debris.  Leaves continually drop from trees, covering your path.  Leaf rides are fun on predictable wide runs and super fun in woodsy paths.  Strap on some slide gloves and enjoy leafy drifts, an all time Michigan longboarding favorite.


-Mike Dallas



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