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September Event Update – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles September 8, 2011

Hey kids!  Whose ready to throw down everything they got, meet sick dudes and dudettes, and possibly win some swag?  Good cause we’ve got a bunch of gnarly jams going down this month to keep all you downhillers, sliders, and pushers entertained.

This weekend marks the UPstate DOWNhill race in Upstate New York.  Go for the jam, the race, or find a bed cause the whole weekend is going to be nuts.  This unique push / downhill race should keep everyone on their toes as they strive to complete the 3.3 mile run which includes a solid push, but brings the riders whipping across the finish line at close to 40 mph!  Stick around afterwards for the freestyle jam and, if you’re feeling slidy enough, compete on Sunday in the freeride contest.  Bring your leathers cause this is going to be one fast weekend!  Plus if the road rash burns too much, take a dip in the river at the end of the run to cool off!

“The parking lot is located on Ridge Rd, Watertown, NY and is directly across from Woodard Hill Rd when looking on Google maps” – Tyler Kempney (Organizer)

Next up we’ve got Dallas, Texas’ own Rock Around the Rock, a 9 mile long push race around White rock Lake.  Take in the vistas provided by this scenic route but don’t get too distracted.  Prize swag from Loaded, Earthwing, Original, and Bustin (to name a few) is at hand so get ready to PUSH!

Stay tuned for more events poppin up this fall, and if you’ve got anything you’re throwing down, let us know!


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