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Shaping for the Scene

written by Josh Dunn November 2, 2016


As you walk, or roll, around Bustin HQ our history as a brand is displayed through wall hangers, shop decks, and one off prototypes that may or may not have eventually evolved into some of the boards we are most proud of today. There is obvious evolution as one begins to grasp the timeline of shapes that they are exposed as they dive deeper into the warehouse and accommodating offices. Our progress as far as board design and construction is on visual display in an environment that could almost be called an interactive museum seeing as many of the models are still pushed around daily.


Although only a small selection of these pieces of Bustin history are available to the public still, its rad to be able to say that many of these boards are still offered in an evolved stage that caters to the new desires of riders everywhere. Our Research and Development has consisted of not only top named pros but also but community members through out the world making suggestions or simply explaining to us what they wanted to see in a skateboard. This community input has proved invaluable and has helped us refine shapes into shred sleds suited for the shralping currently going down within the surrounding scene.


This desire for rider input has not changed and in fact, may be more greater than ever as our R&D department continues to gain new tools and therefore capabilities within the board design process. We would love to hear what you would tickle your fancy  whether it be street, downhill, or dancey, we don’t discriminate and will entertain all input. Any and all input is welcomed so please feel free to go full on Bill Nye and throw down full specs or simply tell us you need a “Big, square thingy up front, and a fat poppy guy in the back”. This is meant to give the power back to the people so blast us a message below and who knows, maybe you just might see your idea come to life in an upcoming proto sneak peak!



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