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Shipping Everything: Action Board Sports

written by Layne Moffett March 16, 2017


This week on Shipping Everything we are pleased to showcase some of our 2017 graphics.  Premiering our new graphic line up, this order going to Action Board Sports in East Lansing MI is the beginning of a new page in skateboarding. Being able to supply each type of skate community with various styles of graphics and a range of boards to provide a look and feel for every kind of skater. This is the embodiment of the SKATE EVERYTHING lifestyle and something we put our blood, sweat and tears into at Bustin Boards. We understand that riding a quality skateboard is one of the keys to being a successful skater, and this is why our boards are MADE DIFFERENT. Keep up with the weekly grind by going to our Instagram, checking out the website and reading our daily blog posts.

Get your board on the next Shipping Everything article by emailing Layne@bustinboards.com. Keep shredding and Skate Everything!


Most Stoked,

Layne Moffett

Bustin Warehouse Manager


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