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Shipping Everything: H International Customs

written by Layne Moffett February 15, 2017

Shipping Everything: H International Custom Boards

This week at Bustin HQ we took on a special project for one of our partner shops in Seoul, South Korea. Seyoung Bae, our good friend and shop owner,  asked us to paint some custom Daenseu and Shrike decks to fill up the board racks at the store. The Bustin print shop boys, Max and Jay, swiftly took on the challenge while also crafting up boards created through our online customization program by our loyal #BustinFam. After being sealed to preserve the hand-painted graphics, the boards are given a final look over for quality assurance. From there, they are ready to be boxed and shipped…

… After a short skate sesh of course!

Check in with me next week to see what awesome boards ill be sending out! In the mean time, get yourself out there and #SkateEverything.

Your Friend and Ship Master,

Layne Moffett



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