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Shipping Everything: Shrike Double Vision

written by Layne Moffett February 24, 2017

Shipping Everything: Shrike Double Vision

This week was a busy one! Thanks to our loyal Bustin Fam we were rolling through your orders with finesse getting them out the door while they’re still “hot off the press”. These two custom designed Shrikes, designed by one of our awesome customers, get the spotlight this week for their simplicity and style.

Do you want to have your custom order featured on the next Shipping Everything? If you do then you’re in the right place! Order a custom board any day this week, email Layne@bustinboards.com with your order number and give a brief description of what Skate Everything means to you.

I look forward to reading your emails and am excited to feature ONE OF YOU on the next Shipping Everything.

Stay Shreddy,

Master Bruce Layne


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