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Shooting the Concrete Wave Evolutions DVD – Longboard Crash Trailer

written by Ryan May 16, 2010

Concrete Wave Evolutions 2010 DVD – Crash Trailer from Bustin Boards on Vimeo.

We spent a few days last week shooting footage for our piece in the upcoming 2010 Concrete Wave Magazine “Evolutions” DVD and had a blast.  Our good friend Lukas (www.lukaskorver.com) came over from the left coast to shoot for us and we were blessed with great weather all five days.  Thanks to all the skaters who came out and all the Bustin family members who helped us get it done.

I have been so intrigued by the shots that Lukas got that I haven’t been able to stop watching the footage even though I’ve been trying to take the weekend off for some much needed R&R.  I have literally been sitting in my apartment going through hour after hour of tape and loving every moment.  Last night I decided I’d take a stab at my not so refined editing skills and do something productive while I obsessed over all the tight footage.  Here is a quick and very amateur crash sequence trailer showing some of the spills from the shoot.  I thought this would be a good way to show everyone some footage without letting the cat out of the bag completely before the dvd drops.

As you’ll see, there weren’t too many big killer grimacing crashes, but the crew skated hard and spent alot of time cheese grating those dirty New York streets.  I’m more convinced than ever that Luis Domingo is made of rubber and is the most original skate-crossover longboarder in the industry.  The stuff he was coming up with on the Sojourn was making skate kids at the park bug out over and over.  Travis Davenport is at the top of his game on the Maestro and Sojourn ripping full stand up slide 360’s in traffic going through Times Square.  I’ve never seen a longboarder look more like a snowboarder and tourists were freaking out making for some excellent b-roll.  Mike and Solomon were skating faster than ever giving Lukas the daunting challenge of trying to keep up.  When he couldn’t, I was left with the not-so-comforting task of following two of New York’s fastest longboarders through traffic while lugging a camera that’s worth more than my life (yes Solomon, I CAN keep up with you and you know this!)  The Bustin ladies went full out and ripped harder than any girl skaters I’ve ever seen.  I’m so blown away by their progression that I think we’re going to eventually cut a full piece just on the ladies… you won’t believe it.

All in all, I went away from the shoot with two distinct feelings.  One was relief that the shoot with Lukas was over and no cameras or body parts where broken (although Micku’s ankle was the size of a grapefruit last time I saw – everyone pray she is back to 100% before this week’s Danger Bay race).  The other was the feeling that it would be impossible to find a more devoted and enjoyable group of skaters to work with.  This is one of the coolest and easiest groups of people I’ve encountered and it is such a pleasure to work with everyone.  We have tried hard to culture a family atmosphere at Bustin with both the employees and the skaters.  The energy of the last five days makes me think we’re doing something right and I am very thankful to work with such amazing and sincere people.

Thanks and good work everyone!  Look for the final cut of the Evolutions piece to drop on the DVD sometime in July.


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Cyp May 17, 2010 at 11:30 am

Concrete Kings!!!

Paul May 17, 2010 at 8:46 pm

You guys are truly amazing.
You make crashing look like “fun” makes me wanna go out and rip it right now… see ya…

Real man May 23, 2010 at 9:27 pm

Did i see the maestro? YES!!!

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