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written by Josh Dunn February 13, 2017

This year at Bustin we have made it more of a priority than ever to reach out and support those who have supported us over the years. The overwhelming aspect of community found within skateboarding is one of the reasons that makes it such a unique place to plug into for an individual. In order for this community to continuing thriving, there needs to be hubs of culture to facilitate meet ups, community out reaches, as well as protecting the general rights of local skateboarders, all of which can all be accomplished by the presence of a brick and mortar skate shop. This new weekly column is dedicated to promoting shops whose sole goal is just that: help their local scene continue to flourish by fostering community participation. We hope that this column will grow into an atlas of shred that will serve as a guide to shops that deserve all of our support so that they can continue to service us for many more years to come!

Post shop visit session in Barcelona during the Bustin Euro Tour last summer. Photo: Bandy

If your local shop fits this description and you would like to see them featured, please drop us a line at Skate@BustinBoards.com so that we can work to promote a full spectrum of shops around the world!


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