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Silverfish Longboarding NYC Longboard Expo – July 30th on Governor’s Island

written by Mike July 18, 2011

Manufacturers and Vendors,

On behalf of Silverfish Longboarding and the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon, you’re invited to participate in the first-ever longboard industry tradeshow series, titled “Longskate EXPO”. You’ve asked for one during meetings at ASR (r.i.p.) and Longskate EXPO gives you one with buyers, loads and loads of customers that can check out your product and then either order it from you or go ask their skateshop to carry it. The cost is very low for you to attend, because it is by skaters, for skaters.

Longskate EXPO is a four-date traveling tradeshow and exhibition for the fastest-growing segment of skateboarding. The Longskate EXPO is a show for you to establish yourselves in the market to retailers seeking to learn about and buy your products for their shops – and for thousands of potential retail customers to see your boards, wheels and more, all in a venue where they can try them out and, if you like, buy them right there.

LONGSKATE EXPO is July 30, 2011, on Governor’s Island in New York City. It’s adjacent to and part of the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon, and will feature live music, entertainment, a huge lawn for the festival, a roadway for skaters to try out your gear and up to 40 booths displaying LONGBOARD skateboards, products and more. It will also “include” THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE walking through, both for race spectation, enjoyment of the live music, skate ramps, displays by event sponsors and also because Governors Island is a major tourist/locals attraction in the summer.

1) In order to purchase a space, you’ll go to the LongskateEXPO Vendor Purchase Page after contacting either MalakaiKingston or EBasil @silverfishlongboarding.com and then select the appropriate price from the pull-down menus. NOTE: if you’re in the USA, you’ll use the USA pricing and if you’re anywhere else at all, you’ll use the “International Pricing”. The difference is essentially the fee charged by PayPal for yer foreign money.

2) Yes, that’s a skate ramp on the event map and there will be music, events and more happening on the stage. The top/left of the graphic is the race course and, after that, the harbor. The Toyota/Scion displays will be to the lower right of the stage as you see it in the graphic (cars, a semi-truck and some other things). The surface of the tradeshow is grass. Once the race is over, skaters may skateboard, try out your stuff, etc… on the “race course”, which is open to the public and is a 3 mile perimeter loop.

3) You may ship your gear and displays to the Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel on the week of the event **if you’re staying there, see below** or to Governor’s Island, 10 South Street… We’ll give you zip codes and more details as you need them. There is a ferry that leaves every hour to get stuff on the island on Friday and Security on Friday Night… If trucks need to get on the island, it has to be before 9AM on Friday as the park is open to the general public Friday.

4) We have a Hotel Deal for you and anyone attending the race! The “Event Headquarters” is the Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel. The hotel has a discounted rate for us, available now, through July 10 –while rooms last. The deal is: $159/night for a Queen Bed. Yes, that’s more than the Super6 in Wichita Springs, but turns out to be a good rate in New York, very near where we want to be. To score this deal, use THIS LINK.

5) When you reserve a booth, you have the option to have Adrenalina produce side-curtains with your graphics on them for your booth. You’ll send us vectored graphics and their guy will print up vinyl sides that are designed to attach to the 10×10’s we’ve had made for the EXPO. Once the event is over, they’re yours to keep or Adrenalina will ship them to the next EXPO in the series for you. As the note says, call or email on that one.


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