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written by Rob Rodrigues November 25, 2015


Someone recently asked me on Instagram – “What makes Bustin’s street decks different than any other street board on the out there?” My short reply was – “Top quality American wood, a classic and functional shape. It’s an additional tool to take your skating where you want to go. Why wouldn’t we have the basics covered?”

Bustin has a broad lineup of all kinds of equipment for every type of specialized skating. Street decks are an Essential for skateboarding. If you choose to use one of our decks, even one of our generic shapes for your skating you’re basically saying as an empowered consumer – I support the Bustin Brand. The quality of the product. The attitude and image of the company. The aesthetic of the graphics. And I like the skaters that they choose sponsor and flow.

Cover the basics, learn and grow from there. It’s survival in the city.


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