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Skaters Push 188 Mile Race!- Bustin Longboard NYC

written by TeamBustin May 22, 2011

Solomon here. Here’s a little update of the Chief Ladiga Silver Comet Sk8 Challenge 2011. It’s over! There were doubts and some of us even called them crazy.  But they looked straight ahead at their goal and pushed themselves to the finish line. Congratulations to all that participated  in this event, you are truly warriors among us. I have been keeping up with the event through updates via facebook and twitter. Jack Smith from The Skateboarders Journal was my favorite follow. I’ve copied some updates here from his page. Thanks Jack!

“Incredible day of racing and scenery. Today was 37.68 miles.

Top three:

Paul Kent 2:27:15
Jeff Vyain 2:28:54
Joshua Rosenthal 2:40:13

Tempature was in the mid 80s.

Tomorrow will be 56 miles from Rockmart, Georgia to Weaverville, Alabama.

These guys and gals are incredible athletes!

Crazy day of racing, numerous spills in the hills between Rockmart and Cedartown. Vyain went down hard with numerous cuts and abrasions, somehow he was able to continue and finish 2nd, one tough hombre. Marion Karr also slammed hard and suffered a deep cut to his knee, spent some time in the hospital getting stitched up, out of action for the remainder of the race.

The Chief Ladiga Silver Comet Sk8 Challenge 2011
Day 2 – Rockmart, Georgia to Weaver, Alabama – 56.7 miles

Paul Kent 3:58
Jeff Vyain 4:15
Joshua Rosenthal 4:17

Cami Best 7:02
Mary Beth McHugh 7:02

Paul Kent continues to amaze us all.

Today I witnessed the most remarkable athletic event I have seen in my 35+ years of skateboarding. Paul Kent pushed his skateboard 94 miles in 6 hours and 45 minutes…yes you read that correctly. Hr did this in 90 degree heat and off the chart humidity.

Right behind Paul was Jeffurry Vyain who skated with serious abrasions and a cut on his hip that was stitched up the night before. He was followed by a group of young athletes, and 50 year old Rick Fitzpatrick. An absolutely amazing collection of athletes.

And then there was Mary Beth McHugh and Cami Best. Mary Beth was suffering from blisters and other injuries. Cami not only pushed her board, but also MB a great deal of the way. They completed the ride in 12 hours and change. They were accompanied and supported by their friend, whose name escapes me as I write this. She filmed them from her bicycle the whole way.” -Jack Smith

That’s all I have for now guys. Our friends should be on their way tomorrow and we will have updates to you soon. Want more frequent updates? On Twitter follow @bustinboards or @stayskatin(me) for more frequent updates.

Congratulations to all of the guys and thanks for representing our sport so well! Stay Skatin!


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Greg Matherly May 23, 2011 at 11:58 pm

Thanks for this, Solomon. It was hard to get info and stats during those three days, and I was dying to know how the NYC folks were doing and how things were going for the event, in general. As far as I know, coverage of the event did not flash across 61″ plasma screens in sport’s bars across the city… this year, any way.

Great job, y’all! Here’s to: all cuts healing quickly; all bruises complimenting this week’s wardrobe; and all soreness vanishing mysteriously in the night.

Mary Beth, Solomon, Jeff, Josh… you need to be thrown an amazing party, soon, don’t you think? You know, for being totally amazing, and all.

Joshua May 25, 2011 at 10:42 pm

Regarding that party, I absolutely agree!

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