Home News so I longboard home to find the SWAT team at my door…

so I longboard home to find the SWAT team at my door…

written by Mike July 29, 2009

I come home from work with the Food Brokerage in NYC. The SWAT team has my block taped off, sealing the area from all traffic. I was dressed nice, and riding my longboard. As I approached the barrier, the officers told me to stand back. I noticed the team had their guns trained on my bedroom window! Nervous because I had a BB gun in my closet, I stepped forward and asked what the problem was. When I mentioned that I lived in the apt that was being monitored, they pulled me forward, threw a bulletproof vest around me and I was escorted by a moving shielded barricade to the police chief’s group. Everyone in the circle was wearing colorful badges and looked important. I was a little nervous, since I still didn’t know why they were there. They immediately fired questions like. What time did you leave today? Do you do drugs? Who lives in the apartments around you? Who do you live with? Do you do drugs? And on and on. I was pretty blown away and one by one answered their questions. They eventually told me the search dogs led them to my place, hunting down a man who had fireda shotgun through the window of a checks cashing storefront. Assuming the man was ammed and dangerous, they took every precaution. Upon requesting consent to searh, I refused. They were irate and yelled at me. I stood my ground, under protection of the 4th amendment protecting my privacy. Fuming, they huddled and decided to knock inmy door anyways. They flipped all of our furnature and bedscapes. It was a shit show when we finally were allowed upstairs, and they paid no attention to my BB gun. Crazy day.


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