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South Carolina Outlaw Race – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles August 15, 2011

Bustin rider William Royce

Bustin rider Sara Paulshock

The marauders, bandits, and hoodlums were down south this past weekend for the South Carolina Outlaw race.  Bustin riders William Royce and Sara Paulshock attended the event to rep the NYC stoke and had it in mind to do some racing.  The day started off dry and looking to be a good race day, when early on trouble came a knockin.  It was during the warm-up runs when racers were getting their board legs and feeling out the course that the dreaded speed wobbles struck a rider down, bringing them crashing right in front of Royce.  Escape was impossible and several yards of sliding (sans board) later, Will got up missing most of a shoe and a whole lot of skin.


Surprisingly, Will recovered enough to compete!  In the last heat of the day, with the rain just starting to come down making for a very wet run, Will Royce did what Will Royce does and pulled ahead of the rest of the competition to win first in the SC Outlaw.

Photos curtesy of Ben Taylor


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