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Special Edition Maestro BLUE Sold Out

written by Ryan May 18, 2010

I’m sorry to report that the Special Edition Blue Maestro is now sold out.  We made 150 of these bad boys and they are now gone before we even reached the May 20th ship date for the pre-sale.  If you were fortunate enough to score one and havent picked it up at the store already, it should be shipping in the next few days.  We still have a few racks of the yellow version left, so if your hoping to get one with the Special Edition graphic and printed grip tape, do it fast.

Thanks to everyone who helped us develop this new board, people are loving it so much we can’t keep it in stock!  Thanks also to the guys in the shop who spent several back-breaking nights staining, printing and finishing these things.  You guys are geniuses.

Cheers, Ry

PS.  Before everyone starts asking, YES, we may re-release this graphic at some point but most likely it will be a while.  This graphic and grip were very difficult to print and finish and the guys in the workshop might kill me if I dropped another load of these on them.


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Adam May 18, 2010 at 10:11 pm

Thanks Ryan!! bahaha (I love the Maestro)

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