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Special Edition Maestro Longboards are gone! Custom Pre-Sale Is On

written by Ryan May 21, 2010

Hey all.  I sadly announce to all of you that didn’t get one that the Special Edition Maestros are totally sold out.  We dropped the pre-sale a few weeks ago because people were lining up at our brooklyn longboard store to get one, but even then we had NO IDEA that we would sell through the first batch this quickly.  As you can imagine, we are scrambling to get another batch out of the woodshop and should have them ready to print by June 1.  The next batch is 100% devoted to custom boards so, like usual, we will be getting the boards from the woodshop blank and printing them in our Brooklyn workshop.

With that said, we have just launched the Custom Maestro Pre-Sale on our site and people are starting to get in line to be the first custom boards printed when the decks arrive on June 1.  Because these things are flying out so quick , we had to bump up the lead time on Maestro’s to 20 business days.  This essentially means that if you order a board today, our standard custom lead time of 12 business days will begin on June 1 when we start printing.  When you order a custom Maestro the accurate estimated ship date will printed on your receipt.  To start building a custom Maestro go to http://www.bustinboards.com/v/select_maestro.asp

If you are local, we should have some special artists prints in the store by June 7th or 8th.  Because of the demo longboards at the shop, this board sells faster than anything I’ve ever seen so get here early.  Literally everyone that takes it for a spin wants one.  We get new batches of artist prints on Mondays and most of the coolest ones are gone by Wednesday.

Thanks again to everyone for helping us make this board such a hit.  We had no idea that we were going to be this busy and are glad to be in the ‘Maestro Hustle’.  If you haven’t gotten a Maestro yet and want one for the summer, I suggest you get on the list because lead times may go up even higher if this thing continues to explode.

Cheers from everyone here at Bustin headquarters


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