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Sportster: Beat of the Street

written by Josh Dunn January 5, 2017

There is a palpable energy that can be felt in the streets of The City that pulses to a rhythm unlike anywhere else in the entire world. The residents of this mega metropolis all attempt to match this beat in their own various ways, but to those who have ever jammed down these city blocks while dipping and dodging through PED barrels and all the other mobile obstacles whilst atop a skateboards know that this is the key to true harmony with the streets. Our local crew who calls The Big Apple home has adopted this lifestyle full on and rarely will be seen braving the urban jungle without their shred sled. Through this dedicated to the Push Life, a desire to craft and create the best possible tool for the job of commute killing began to burn within the #BustinFam which ultimately was the fuel that gave birth to our signature Push Series Collection. Within that series, the Sportster holds a special place in many of our riders hearts due to its agility and versatility when out riding anything from a simple morning coffee run all the way to a mobbing Broadway rip at rush hour. We recently were able to document our dudes Dave, Leon, and Victor on just such a mission with each of them harmonizing to the beat of the street using the Sportster as their instrument.


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