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Spot Check: Bell Foundry DIY Baltimore, MD

written by Josh Dunn April 12, 2017

Nestled next to one of Baltimore’s most unique artist communes,  The Bell Foundry DIY has been a staple spot of anyone from the Charm City skate scene. In true community fashion, all the features erected here have been done so by skaters, for skaters. Featuring a full on wall ride, multiple quarter pipes, and a mini spine, this may not be the biggest or cleanest spot ever but it has plenty of offerings to keep you busy.

One of the many hidden gems of Baltimore

Once you locate the spot, you will either need a local with the knowledge of the code to the pad lock on the gate or you will have to go rogue and simply hop the fence. Unfortunately due to some bureaucracy bull crap recently the house has been force vacated leaving the fate of this place completely up in the air. The clock may be ticking to get a last session in at this iconic spot so all you Baltimore skate rats  as well as visiting shredders better get after it while the gettin’ is still good.

Bruce Layne front side flippin’ amongst the urban paradise



Will trying a nose pick wall ride combo during a recent visit to Bustin HQ

Suggested Set-up:

Deck: Craft Series 9.875

Trucks: Independent 169’s

Wheels: Bones SPF 56mm

Bearings: Bustin Abec-7


Always keepin’ things crafty and creative amongst the crust. Photo: Bruce Layne


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