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Spot Check: Boardwalk Benches, Washington D.C.

written by Josh Dunn February 15, 2017
Boardwalk Benches, Washington D.C.

The Nation’s Capital holds a literal plethora of architectural achievements that to the properly trained eye transform the city into a level straight out of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. These particular benches are located somewhere along a section of boardwalk lining the  Potomac River and offer an endless realm of possibilities that far exceeds simply sitting. A word to the wise, warnings are no longer issued to “trespassers” so a session here will require a Ninja like entry and exit strategy in order to stay clear of any unwanted altercations.

Suggested Set-up:

Deck: Bustin 8.5″ Street Deck

Trucks: Caliber 8.5 Standard Trucks

Wheels: Bones 56mm SPF

Bearings: Bustin Abec-7



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