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Spot Check: Hill Street Skate Park, Frederick Maryland

written by Josh Dunn April 27, 2017

Located in the Western Maryland, The Hill Street Skate Park is a public park whose control has been taken over by local officials after originally being opened by the homies at Pitcrew Skate Shop. The park features a tiered lay out that contains hubbas, down rails, quarter pipes, a pool,  and the feature of particular interest for this Spot Check: a mini bowl. This endless waist high wave allows you to get hella slotted while still offering you the speed to blow fins the moment you get spit out.

The well worn in steel coping absolutely goes providing that frictionless sensation we all crave. With a 1 foot waterfall linking the various transition heights, this mini bowl is very manageable for all skill levels. Designed with a pocketed “shallow” end and a bowled in “deep” end, this variation of construction caters to unprecedented pumping pleasure.

Suggested Set-up:

Deck: Craft Series 9.875″ Limited Edition

Trucks: Independent 169

Wheels: Bones SPF 56mm

Bearings: Bustin Abec-7




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