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Spot Check: Xibalba, North Carolina

written by Josh Dunn April 6, 2017

Deep in the mountains of North Carolina lies a beast of a road that once tamed, provides its master a chance to rip down one of the top downhill skateboarding play grounds in the world. Featuring all of the necessary elements to make a road and epic run, Xibalba combines some straights with a few sweepers that are linked by a couple hair pins. The whole run was laid with a high quality pavement that really caters towards a full on charge approach.

Not a bad opening statement…

Matt K. standing tall during a recent trip down to hang out with the NCDH homies.

A word to the wise, this is a double yellow road meaning that it is a LIVE road featuring traffic and all the full on unpredictability that is  associated with such conditions. This is a road is best suited for those with experience riding at higher speeds and know how to safely stay in their lane during the duration of the decent. If you know this spot or happen to find it, always skate safe and please be courteous to not blow the spot by respecting the locals and only leaving thane lines as evidence of your presence!

Suggested Set-Up:

Deck: Bamboo-X Shrike Kingston Post Graphic

Trucks: Paris X Bustin Collab Matte Black

Wheels: Sniper 70mm/80a Red

Bearings: Bustin Builtin Bearings

This road ranks high on Matt’s list of favorite roads of all time, we like to think he makes Xibalba’s list of all time favorite skaters as well.


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