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St. Patty’s Day Sale on Green Longboards

written by Ryan March 17, 2010

Steak and Egg breakfast and lots of skating.  Thats St. Patty’s day around the Bustin Headquarters in Williamsburg BK.  If your off today and want to skate, please join us for a big group skate/Concrete Wave photoshoot at 2PM.  The skate will begin at the store before pushing around willyburg, over the bridge and into the green circus in Manhattan.  Most likely we’ll catch the tail end of the parade and then find a place that will let 40 sweaty skaters come in and have some shepards pie and beers (those of us of age).

In addition, I tried to come up with somekind of special we could run today to celebrate St. Patricks Day.  Today get 20% off our newest (and greenest) Limited Edition boards, the Austin series.  If your not feeling that graphic, we’ll give you 10% off any custom board that is prominently green (discount will be issued as a refund after order is processed and confirmed ‘green’).

Grab a guiness and start designing here:

Design Customhttp://www.bustinboards.com/v/select_all.asp

Austin Series- See and build them using the links below:

Build Complex Austin

Build Cigar Austin

Build Strike Austin

Build Sojourn Austin

Build Spliff Austin

Enjoy the holiday everyone!


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1 comment

Brian Davenport March 17, 2010 at 10:04 am

way to go ryan! it’s gonna be a good day! i’ll see you guys in the city…
ride fast! ride fast!!
happy st. patty’s day!!!

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