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written by TeamBustin January 27, 2012

Solomon here. I’m on the tail end of the most recent edition of my lifelong skacation here in south Georgia. I grew up on a farm in a town called Bainbridge and am spending time with the fam. It’s quite a contrast from Brooklyn and it’s non-stop pace. But my trip has put me in such a peaceful and euphoric state that I could be happy anywhere…though I’m in no rush to get back to cold temperatures. It’s the end of January and I’m still topless cruising around town. Sweating. It’s okay..I’m suffering so you guys don’t have to. Jokes, right? Really though, I wish so much more of you all could be here, it has been epic being on the road with friends. Next year for sure but don’t sleep on all the other events happening in between. And Maryhill. I was seriously contemplating heading back to Puerto Rico for the next two months but my lady and business calls. If everything works out I should be back in a week or two. I’m loving the road and warmth but I’ll be glad to get back to that NYC Push Culture traffic surfing ‘ish!

Right before I took off for the New Year I teamed up with my homie Zack Lieberman and our friend David Reeve with some of the Concrete Kings for a late night 3D film shoot. Zack was kind enough to include us in this project of his so we headed out to Midtown on a Sunday at midnight with freezing temperatures. And the film came out hard!!!! I would suggest tracking down a pair of 3D shades for the best experience but you can also view it in 2D. It’s straightforward. NYC. All black everything. Push. So I might not be back for a week so here’s this bit to hold you over. I can tell from facebook you miss me…..#stayskatin
I know I’m not rocking a helmet. It was a closed course and that was the wardrobe. Wear your helmets!!
And much thanks to these guys for doing this project with us!
Adrian Dan
Soy One
Danny Pichardo
Anthony Hanover
Kiefer “ska8erboi” Dixon
Leunam Leo Segura

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