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Steezy D makes his first ad in Concrete Wave!

written by TeamBustin March 30, 2011

I got the opportunity to design my first advertisement in the next Concrete Wave for my Wiggler wheels from Atobe. My boy David Yang, only 10 months into longboarding yet one of the steeziest guys in the city (worthy of the title “Steezy D”) came along with me for some photos on the Williamsburg bridge, and this is the best one we got. We were throwing 180 slides in sync (synchronized sliding, new Olympic event?) for the camera right in front of Mike Beato’s face as he lay down in the middle of the bridge. I can’t say I felt 100% comfortable with this, but Mike’s ninja status makes him a worthy photographer when resources are limited and you just gotta get in there and get the shot. Steezy is seen here riding the Carbon Robot 41 with Atobe Bonnevilles. I’m riding my dancer with the 82a Atobe Wigglers.

So here’s a little preview of Steezy and I’s next ad to be in Concrete Wave–just posted on the Atobe website, Churchillmfg.com. Congratulations buddy! You earned it 🙂


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Fepic March 30, 2011 at 2:24 pm

Yea, Steezy!

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