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Stok’em recap

written by TeamBustin March 3, 2009

As sent by Adam Dabonka,

I’ll admit, I said a little prayer for this event to go down smoothly this morning. And so it was! Thanks for answering my little prayer God. Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the questionable weather, and in the end turned out PERFECT! Happy little snow flurries didn’t scare us away lol. Great day of skating everyone…

See ya next time, till then “keep it moving”!




The outlaw that didn’t happen…

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, gathered at a spot in NJ to hold an outlaw event. Originally the plan was to have a small race at this place in another township, however, after the local police received an e-mail with details of this event, and most likely letting them know that we “vandalize” and have “foul-mouths,” the police patrolled the road that is was supposed to be on, and very clearly let everyone who had a longboard know that what we were doing was illegal. After a run-in with the law, the organizers relocated the race to another road, in another township, and ran a smooth event with over 30 people attending.

At the new spot, around noon, the riders, racers, free-riders, soul-carvers, sliders and one dog that chewed on my slide glove gathered to watch what many east-coast skaters would say was a great day of skating. After holding a safety meeting letting everyone know to skate within their limits, practice heats went down. Riders were coming down the hill with flurries falling. Once the snow started getting the ground wet, the organizers decided to move things along. It was elimination brackets, heats of 4, top 2 advancing. After the first round there were 14 riders left, so it was a heat of 4, and then two heats of 5.

The sun came out for the semi-finals and because there were only 6 riders left, the organizers thought it would be a great idea to have a 6-man heat, with the top four advancing to the final. From the start, this heat was clearly going to be intense, going around the top turn, Anthony Flis was out in front, and Pat Schep was inside, with a hand out keeping Keith Rebhorn in his line, who in turn had a hand out and was keeping Jimmy Wade in his line. Going down the straightaway, it was Anthony by a long shot, followed by Pat, Keith, Jimmy, Conor, Adam. (Adam Dabonka, and Connor Sprung). Through the straight, some passes were made, and going into the final turn it was, Anthony, Keith, Pat, Connor, Jimmy, Adam. At the turn, Anthony railed it, Keith lost grip and slid, jumped a curb and super-manned at 35 into goose poop, Conor wiped out as well forcing Adam to hippie jump, however his board and feet didn’t meet up and he landed on his knee pads.

The final heat. Due to the crashes in the Semi-finals, the final heat was Anthony, Pat, Jimmy and Conor. Due to some cars on the road, we had to wait until they passed, making the spectators grow anxious. Standing at the bottom of the hill, after the guy at the finish line with the walky-talky announced they were coming down, we all waited in anticipation, and from far off we heard the sssssssssshhhhhhhhh of urethane flying down the hill. Into the last turn, and into the finish line it was Anthony, Pat, Jimmy and Conor.

The standings for the Downhill portion of the event are as follows.

1. Anthony Flis
2. Pat Schep
3. Jimmy Wade
4. Conor Sprung
5. Keith Rebhorn
6. Adam Dabonka

After the DH, a slide jam was held, and it was slide city, there were people doing Sergio slides on soft-wheels, 540’s on hard wheels, 360’s on soft wheels, some soft-wheel standies while imitating the one and only Michael Jackson. Some people were bombing into the slide hill and doing 30mph standies. All in all, the slide jam was a fun gathering of a bunch of people doing some crazy stuff with long-boards.

For the slide jam, The winners for the hard wheel category are:

1. Bryan Sheehy
2. Nick Harris
3. Max Dubler

For the soft wheels, the winners are:

1. Keith Rebhorn
2. Nick Grasso
3. Erle Craven

After a great day of skating, many a skater left with new stuff from all of the companies that donated gear. The organizers would like to thank in no particular order:

Jeff Gaites, Freshpaved – Home, Uncle Funkys
Francois Portman, FotoPortmann.com
Gravity Skateboards
Comet Skateboards
Tail Devils
Loaded Boards
Tunnel Skateboards
Bustin Boards
Concrete Wave
Riviera Longboards

The east coast scene is exploding, so thanks to everyone who made this possible, and this was a great day to spread stoke, meet people, and have some fun skateboarding with friends, new and old.


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Dre March 3, 2009 at 3:16 pm

A vid of the slide jam

3.1.09 Slide Jam from Level 7 Longboarders on Vimeo.

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