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Sundays on the Lower East Side in NYC

written by Rob Rodrigues May 27, 2015

Andy Millien Shreds With the LES Crew.


Ollie Dat Box Andy! Thriving on Orchard Street. Photo, Rob Rodrigues

Sunday afternoons are getting real good downtown on the East Side. The age old tradition of Orchard street being blocked off to cars on Sundays has made it inviting for the Shut Skateboards flagship store to start putting their Fun Box out in the middle of the street. We were down there recently and the energy was Popp’n. Meanwhile, around the corner on Delancey street at the foot of the Williamsburg bridge, Slappy Sundays are going off at the same time. Bounce back-n-fourth and get your LES vibe on. Finish up with a drink at Arlene’s on Stanton street.

We start on the LES and venture down into Chinatown.


The signature Milien Pop-Shuv at the Chinatown seven stair. Peep the vid clip below. Photo, Rob Rodrigues


Andy with the double Kickflip. Video clip below, you know how the street crew rolls. Photo, Rob Rodrigues


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